Does Having Abusive Parents Mean You’ll Become One?


The Family Tradition of Domestic Abuse Ends Here

Let’s take a break from my usual topic of sexual assault to discuss something else that affects my life quite a bit: domestic abuse. Long story short, I witnessed verbal abuse, and occasionally physical abuse, directed at my mom until she left my dad when I was 17. I heard that my dad’s dad was verbally abusive toward my grandma, and rumor has it that my grandpa’s parents were also in an abusive relationship. I even see the signs in my uncles. So I guess you could say this runs in the family.

But I’m going to break the chain. Continue reading The Family Tradition of Domestic Abuse Ends Here


Domestic abuse comes in all shapes and sizes. Abuse can be verbal, emotional, sexual, physical, financial and more. However, the media tends to portray only the most obvious type of domestic abuse: physical abuse. I believe that is part of the reason that people have a hard time understanding why survivors of domestic abuse don’t “just leave” as if it’s so easy. The narrow portrayal of domestic abuse also makes people less likely to be aware of other types of abuse that are far less obvious but just as damaging. Continue reading #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou