Obnoxiously Joyful

I’ve been on Prozac for over a month and a half now. The big change I’ve noticed now that it’s fully kicked in is that I’m obnoxiously joyful much of the time. I was like this back in high school, so it feels kinda weird to be so happy almost all the time. I never thought the “old me” would come back. I thought it died when my parents divorced and experienced my more traumatic episodes of sexual assault. Continue reading Obnoxiously Joyful


A Man Tried to Follow Me When I Was Biking

Trigger warning: sexual harassment

Lately I’ve been going on short bike rides a few times per week in a huge park that I love to refer to as my “urban oasis.” Early last Saturday morning, I was doing my usual route alone in the woods. I was enjoying the fact that I was building stamina and could see my muscles start to get more defined. Plus, it’s so relaxing to be immersed in nature and see lots of cute dogs.  Continue reading A Man Tried to Follow Me When I Was Biking

One Month on Prozac

Long story short: I freaking love Prozac and I wish I’d given it a try ten years ago. Continue reading One Month on Prozac

So I’m Finally Considering Antidepressants…

For almost all of my life I’ve had three main medical issues: vocal cord dysfunction (VCD), insomnia and PTSD-like symptoms. Continue reading So I’m Finally Considering Antidepressants…

“You’re Always So Calm”

In less than two months, I’ll get to add a bunch of fancy letter after my name. It’s so crazy that I’m finally nearing the end of my program and will get to have my dream job soon. Since my program is winding down, I did my capstone presentation last week. I just presented on my toughest patient — what happened and what I learned.

Back when I was studying biology, we did a lot of presentations as part of the program. For all of my life I had been a bit nervous when public speaking, but having to present almost every week helped me get very comfortable with it as long as I know what I’m talking about. As a result, during the capstone presentation, I was pretty calm. I was just excited to share my story with my class.

After the presentation, I was talking with my teacher and the guest speaker from the previous class that day. They both liked my presentation, and my teacher said “You’re always so calm.”

That honestly cracked me up. Continue reading “You’re Always So Calm”