1 in 600000

The chance of getting killed by an asteroid or comet is 1 in 600,000


Luck or Skill?

In regards to being a sexual assault survivor… this last year has been super easy compared to my usual. And honestly, I’m not entirely sure why. This last year has not been marked by many outstanding events, but that’s what makes it so remarkable. Continue reading Luck or Skill?


Additionally, “40% of women with disabilities experience sexual assault or physical violence in their lifetimes (National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, Canada) and more than 90% of all people with developmental disabilities will experience sexual assault (Schwartz & Valenti-Hein, 1995).” (source)

Consent is Like a Castle

Consent is like a castle.
In the castle, everyone is having enjoyable sexytimes.
However, the castle is surrounded by a moat.
And the moat is on fire.
The moat is embarrassment and awkwardness.
You have to cross the moat of awkwardness (by asking consent) to get into the fun castle where all the fun sexytimes are happening.
Suck it up and cross the moat.

(Adapted from Peter Strom’s metaphor for awkwardness and swing dancing)

“That’s Just My Life”

Time for a brief life update.¬†As I’ve mentioned previously, the second half of this year my subthreshold PTSD hasn’t been giving me a hard time. In addition, the “Me too” movement doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting my mental health much and nothing has really changed since I “came out” as a survivor on Facebook — which is a good thing. I wanted to just acknowledge it and move on. Continue reading “That’s Just My Life”