“That’s Just My Life”

Time for a brief life update. As I’ve mentioned previously, the second half of this year my subthreshold PTSD hasn’t been giving me a hard time. In addition, the “Me too” movement doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting my mental health much and nothing has really changed since I “came out” as a survivor on Facebook — which is a good thing. I wanted to just acknowledge it and move on. Continue reading “That’s Just My Life”


“Me Too” is Flawed, But I’m so Glad It’s Happening

Trigger warning: Mentions of sexual assault

Most of you probably know by now that a lot of people are reposting the following:


On my Facebook feed, countless people have come forward for the first time. Some just keep it simple by quoting the above text, some tell their stories and some give constructive criticism about the trend.

Some people feel it isn’t enough — that it won’t change anything because people already know it’s a problem. Continue reading “Me Too” is Flawed, But I’m so Glad It’s Happening

A Survivor’s Perspective on the Gopher Football Players

Trigger warning: Rape

A quick rundown of what happened:

  • In September, ten+ University of Minnesota football players raped a drunk girl at a party.
  • The survivor said what might have started as consensual developed into sexual assault: She was no longer consenting, and she didn’t feel safe leaving or capable of it.
  • She reported it to police, but the case was dropped because there wasn’t enough evidence for it to stand up in court.
  • She then reported it to the university, so now the players are indefinitely suspended.
  • The entire team vowed to boycott all football activities until the suspensions are lifted. They did this because they didn’t feel that due process was followed and they felt they weren’t informed well enough about what was going on. Doing so would violate FERPA (a privacy law).
  • Two days later, after the players and the U’s president discussed the matter, the players ended the boycott.
  • The U’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action recommended expulsion for some players and suspension for others.
  • No charges will be filed with police.
  • The football coach has been fired. He had expressed support for the players when they boycotted team activities.

Continue reading A Survivor’s Perspective on the Gopher Football Players