So This is What “Normal” Feels Like

I got so used to always having a low level of anxiety that it feels really weird (in a good way) to have that almost entirely gone. For the first time in months, I feel very “me” again. I’m relaxed. I’m taking joy in the little things. I’m overly excited about learning anything new. I’m laughing a lot. I don’t take as long to calm down. I’m not thinking about the past much anymore. I’m not getting triggered often or experiencing many intrusive thoughts… I wish this could last forever. 

Something that has me especially excited is my lack of PTSD episodes. I think the last one I had that was more than a minor inconvenience was in April! Can you believe that!?

The cherry on top is that my chest and the side of my ribs were bumped three times last Sunday. That should’ve triggered me. Instead, I literally had no reaction. I didn’t care. I felt no differently than I would’ve if someone bumped my arm when walking past me. I’m sure I’ll still get triggered once in a while, but it’s still pretty freaking cool that I can get touched there and remain calm. That’s the dream.



Thanks for reading this post. You can find my backstory here.


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