Free Stuff Helped Me Snap Out of a PTSD Episode

There I was, just studying and trying to be a good student, when a PTSD episode decided to drop on my head out of nowhere. I got caught up in one of those spirals of negative thoughts related to sexual assault. It actually was much like the thought patterns I had during depression. Soon, I got so anxious that I couldn’t even concentrate on homework and I started getting flashbacks. I curled up on bed under a blanket and tried to calm down by breathing deeply… but this episode was really stubborn. I decided to go to bed early in hopes that I would wake up tomorrow feeling better.

I woke up, still anxious, and struggled to appear “normal” as I attended my morning classes.

During lunch, we were visited by a sales rep for dental products. He came bearing countless freebies for each student including a $150 electric toothbrush, expensive toothpaste, cute pins, manual toothbrushes and lots of other gifts. It’s like Christmas came early! I got so excited about all of this that I snapped out of the episode. It was a pretty unexpected fix, but I’ll take whatever I can get!


Thank you for reading this post. You can find my backstory here.


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