Kinda Getting the Hang of this PTSD Thing

January had the potential to be another disaster mental health-wise. Somehow… I was able to stop that from happening. Let’s rewind.

I think it all started with I was drinking in mid-January. Usually I’m fine when drinking unless my mental health is less than stellar. I thought I was doing well enough to get away with drinking, but I got pretty anxious when I kept on seeing a guy who looked like the person who sexually assaulted me in November. I guess I still had some residual stress from that. It shouldn’t have bothered me so much. Luckily, I was able to talk myself down even with the alcohol making concentration difficult.

Then, around a week later, Trump’s inauguration happened. Need I say more?

Days later, another famous instructor in the swing dance community was accused of sexual assault by around half a dozen people. (Thankfully it would seem that he is no longer welcome in the community worldwide). I kept on reading the survivors’stories as they were shared on social media. I think that’s what stressed me out the most. I remember one story in particular throwing me off for a few hours.

A few days later, I noticed that I’d been feeling very anxious lately even when there’s not much to be anxious about (with the glaring exception of our president). It wasn’t all that bad, but it was starting to make focusing on schoolwork very hard. Knowing that this could get out of hand if I wait too long, I went on a long walk and meditated the whole time. I wasn’t okay right away, but it sure helped turn things in the right direction.

Even now, a few weeks later, my mental health is still manageable. I’m so happy that I’m learning to spot downward spirals before they can begin. I’ve already had two since school started last fall. I don’t need another one getting in my way.

Thank you for reading this post. You can find my background story here.


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