Five Things I Learned From My Sexual Assault.

This is a great read. I can identify with almost everything she said.

Linz Nicole

There are some things in life that take you and change you to your core. These things come out of nowhere and blindside you. For me, this was my sexual assault. I am a very different person after experiencing what I have. There is something about being forced against your will into a very uncomfortable and frightening situation that leaves you a completely different person. Everyone told me “You are still who you were before this happened. You are still you. You haven’t changed.” Everyone was wrong. I AM different. I HAVE changed. From the moment I stepped away, I was a different person.

What is so wrong with being changed by trauma? What is so wrong with being a different person after something comes along and changes everything you thought you knew? What if I changed for the better? No one thinks about that. No one talks about how…

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