I’m Me Again

Around a month ago, I made a pretty negative post about how I was struggling with my mental health. Since then, I’d been trying to take good care of myself. I relaxed a lot on weekends, meditated, made sure I got enough sleep and did my best to prevent triggers by telling my classmates what they were before they practiced on me (I’m in dental school). I haven’t needed to worry about getting triggered in clinic for almost a month now. And people are so nice and understanding about it when I tell them!

It took a few weeks for my mental health to bounce back, but now I can say I’m truly “me” again. For no good reason, I woke up today in a good mood — bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and excited to learn more about my profession. I didn’t realize how stressed I was until now. It wasn’t super bad, but still a noticeable difference. It feels good to be excited to go to school again, and to feel at the very least content for most of the day. Now I just need to work to hold onto this!


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