The “Stuff” After Sexual Abuse

I came across this post which describes a lot of the topics that survivors struggle with. I think it’s a good read for everyone. As a survivor, it’s comforting to see that I’m not the only one having these thoughts and experiences. Meanwhile, non-survivors can better understand what it’s like to be a survivor in the long run.

“I was inspired to write this article after a long conversation with a friend who is a survivor of rape. She’d recently had the misfortune of a “chance encounter” with her abuser and it annoyed her how he’d left that meeting seemingly unscathed whereas she came home triggered and reliving her trauma. Our conversation was charged with frustration as we started discussing all the “stuff” that a survivor is left to deal with post-abuse because there is A LOT of stuff and, to put it politely, it’s not fair.

Here’s 11 things that topped our anger- fuelled chat”

Source: The “Stuff” After Sexual Abuse


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