No News is Good News

I don’t write much on this blog these days… and that’s a good thing.

And that’s not to say that everything’s peachy. I’m not sure that things will ever be “peachy.” BUT life is good at the moment.

I don’t think about my past much these days. Funny thing is I wasn’t even trying all that hard. I’ve been working between 40 and 50 hours per week in a very physical job. (Well hello there, biceps. Where have you been all my life?) I’m always very busy at work which leaves me little time to think about entirely counterproductive things like… being sexually assaulted and how much that sucks. Sure I have intrusive thoughts now and then (essentially they’re just random thoughts about sexual assault that come out of nowhere). Most of the time I just get annoyed by them and move on with my life. I’ll take that over PTSD symptoms any day. I get my small triggers occasionally but… it’s manageable… Almost negligible. That’s new.

I’ve mentioned before that I am in the habit of thinking about my past all the time. I think much of the reason is that it helps in my recovery, but there comes a point where it just becomes this downward spiral of negativity. And that point is every early on. I really don’t need to be thinking about the past so much. But I digress. I don’t have time for that shit anymore.

Plus, I’ve made my way out of the rough patch caused by Brock Turner. I was sucked into 90% of the articles on the issue (evidently I have no self control) and it destroyed my mental health for a few weeks.

So there really isn’t much to report here. No news is good news 🙂

Thanks for reading this post. You can find my backstory here.


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