Perpetrators Come in All Shapes and Sizes

People tend to stereotype perpetrators of sexual assault as strangers in the bushes, men, violent, criminals, lacking compassion, etc. To dispel some of those myths, I’m going to share some descriptions of the people who sexually assaulted me. Perpetrators can be anyone — even the most “normal” people who you would never suspect.

Boyfriend, classmate, acquaintance, family friends
Gentleman, old-fashioned, goofy, sweet
Honest, nerdy, charming, compassionate, talented, deceitful
College graduate, Eagle scout, athlete, on the Dean’s list
Catholic, Buddhist
Friendly, conceited
Middle class, rich
White, mixed race, Mexican
Not criminals, young, strong morals, creative, fake
Heterosexual, questioning, cis-gender
Progressive, conservative
Romantic, respectful, in love with me
Well-intentioned, ambitious, intelligent
Event organizer, engineer, composer, swing dancer, actor, graphic designer, writer, editor…


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