I Don’t Need Therapy?

The first time I went to therapy, my therapist wasn’t really sure what I needed help with. I was already doing so well that he wasn’t really sure what I needed from him. Mostly, I just wanted somewhere safe where I could regularly process what’s going on. I just needed to have someone to talk with about this, because recovery isn’t easy. My main goal was to prevent future problems as best I can while everything is fresh and therapy is free.

I’m a senior in college and have been taking full advantage of the free counseling services here for the last three years. I’ve achieved a lot in the past few years and I know that after graduation I’ll be able to function just find without therapy. I don’t think I’ll go to a therapist anytime soon after graduation — just if things start getting rough again. While the idea of graduating is of course exciting, I’m still pretty bummed that I’ll stop going to therapy at that point. I’ve really enjoyed having someone to talk with regularly in an unfiltered way — someone who gets it and will be with me through the ups and downs.

I should be doing that with my boyfriend, but bringing up the subject can be difficult at times, especially for the “little things.” I’m just not really sure how to start talking about it. Does that make sense? The good news is that I’m getting better about it these days. My hope is that he can somewhat replace my therapist as my go-to person when there are new developments in my road to recovery.

But I digress. I mentioned how I’m bummed that I’ll have to stop going to therapy after graduation and my therapist said “You don’t need therapy. You’re doing very well.” I scheduled another appointment within a minute because I’m such a good listener. 😉 Seriously, though, how great is it to hear something like that? I do sometimes think he overestimates how well I’m doing (partially my fault because I like to focus on the positive), but regardless, that’s a very flattering thing to hear.

Thank you for reading this article. You can find my backstory here.


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