Today I went to Slutwalk, a protest whose goal is to end rape culture, slut shaming and victim blaming. It started when a Toronto police officer had the bright idea to tell women that they can prevent sexual assault by not “dressing slutty.” This sparked protests that are now worldwide and have been happening for around five years. At my city’s Slutwalk, some people there were dressed “slutty”, such as women wearing pants with a bra or tape over their nipples. Most were just in regular street clothes.

My poster had a John Oliver quote on it: “Sex is like boxing. If one of the parties didn’t agree to participate, the other is committing a crime.”

We walked about a mile, chanting as we went. Many people stopped to watch us go by and read the signs. I saw people smiling, cheering, honking. The police were there along our route and smiled at us too. A few people who were watching actually joined in! It felt great to be in a group of people that understand and care about this issue. My favorite part though, was people’s reactions to us.


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